To Goth or not to Goth

October 13, 2010 Comments Off on To Goth or not to Goth

leather wristband

Goth Inspired Leather Wristband

Outfits in richly jeweled colors, sensual, sexual textures such as leather and velvet, leather with satin and lace — all  combined with style. Accessories such as vintage chic fashion  jewelry.

You have to admit, whether you’re into the Goth “scene” or not, Goth fashion is very sexy.

Okay, blood-red fingernails and vampirism is –  out there – there is always
“imitation” Goth.  Well, there is actually a lot to work with here!  Chains are your number one product course, but a newer kind of chain, the dark chains that are coming on the scene fast, black, dark grey, even brown. Crosses are strangely big, the more medieval the better.  Studs go well.

This is a place for plenty of sexually explicit looks. Cut outs and cut ups. Dangerously sharp looking slivered metal pieces making up strange pieces of jewelry.  Big black and metal cuffs.  Strange looking dark beads that might have been found in the Roman catacombs.

Oooooh, the fright of it all!  Have fun!


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