Gemstone Jewelry

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Blue is the color of the sky and the water. And which better gemstone to select than the blue topaz for the color blue. It has a very well uniform color of blue that might look rather bluish gray.

All gem stones have some or the other magical powers associated to it in context with the birth date or the month of the year. The blue topaz is no exception. It is said that the blue topaz has an appetizing effect.


Hoop earrings : jewelry trends for a bold, high fashion look

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Hoop earrings : jewelry trends for a bold, high fashion look

Hoop earrings : jewelry trends for a bold, high fashion look

Hoop earrings : jewelry trends for a bold, high fashion look

Hoop earrings are an up and coming style and they come in a wide variety of shapes, metals and widths. Hoop earrings give the impression of a smaller face and complement any hair style for all occasions from casual to formal. Hoop earrings also come with embelishments. Sometimes the hoop itself is faceted, features dangles, or a jewel is embedded at the bottom or top. Big hoop earrings add instant drama to your look and are attractive in any style be it oval, round and even square hoops.

Fashion Jewelry – Hoop Earrings

The most fashionable jewelry, and one of the hottest fashion trends, are hoop earrings. Just make sure they look good on your skintone. That means, know if cool (silver, platinum, white gold) or warm (yellow gold, rose gold, etc.) colored metals suit you better.

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Invicta Watches: High Quality Jewelry

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Invicta watches are outrageously expensive-looking, sit snuggly on your wrist and command as much attention as does a Rolex. Invicta Watches are known as a quality, yet relatively inexpensive watch that has the style and recognition of the Swiss watch’s reputation.

The most notable aspect of Invicta watches is the automatic movement feature of the watch, or the Swiss made Chronographs. (Invicta – the Latin word for “invincible”.) Invicta watches have been around for over 175 years and the original Invicta watches were completely hand crafted.

Invicta watches for men
The two primary series of men’s Invicta watches is the Pro Diver series and the Russian Diver series. The Pro Diver series centers around an elegant styled oversized watch face complete with stainless steel casing and matching bezel. This Invicta watch mimics both the elements of style and function of big name watches like the Rolex Mariner.

Meanwhile, the Invicta Russian Diver series offers a big bold watch with a strong black band. The Russian Diver series has both stainless steel and black steel casing with a canteen style cover to add a little extra something to the watch’s image.

Invicta watches for women, too
Invicta watches come in a huge selection and varieties for women, too. The designs are unique, they’re bold and have a style which screams Cutting Edge. If you’ve never heard of or seen Invicta Watches, there are several websites out there that have Invicta watches with some sweet deals.

Creating a Bold New Style with Fashion Jewelry

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Fashion jewelry is one of the best ways you can incorporate rich colors into your choice of sparkle.

You can choose gemstones and beads into your fashion jewelry collection that are very rich in hues. The choices are so many,  these do not need to be expensive stones either.

You can choose rich hues in so many beads to give your accessories that glitz and glam that you are looking for. Additionally, you might want to explore pieces that have multiple stones in multiple hues to add to your collection.

To Goth or not to Goth

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leather wristband

Goth Inspired Leather Wristband

Outfits in richly jeweled colors, sensual, sexual textures such as leather and velvet, leather with satin and lace — all  combined with style. Accessories such as vintage chic fashion  jewelry.

You have to admit, whether you’re into the Goth “scene” or not, Goth fashion is very sexy.

Okay, blood-red fingernails and vampirism is –  out there – there is always
“imitation” Goth.  Well, there is actually a lot to work with here!  Chains are your number one product course, but a newer kind of chain, the dark chains that are coming on the scene fast, black, dark grey, even brown. Crosses are strangely big, the more medieval the better.  Studs go well.

This is a place for plenty of sexually explicit looks. Cut outs and cut ups. Dangerously sharp looking slivered metal pieces making up strange pieces of jewelry.  Big black and metal cuffs.  Strange looking dark beads that might have been found in the Roman catacombs.

Oooooh, the fright of it all!  Have fun!

Plan your beaded jewelry’s design

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Take some time and really visualize how your finished jewelry design will look. What shape and color of beads would work in your design? Swarvoski crystals are very popular in beading and make especially nice gifts for anyone who loves handcrafted jewelry.

Consider what you are making and what kind of bead will best fit your design.  Large beads, small, smaller, tiny beads?   Your design can combine several sizes and colors of beads, or a predominate size and color and include a differing yet centered focus that your bead-work will simply show off.  The variations and designs are endless.

Plan your beaded jewelry’s design – Long Island Jewelry |

Making Your own hand-crafted jewelry

October 5, 2010 Comments Off on Making Your own hand-crafted jewelry

Making Your own handcrafted jewelry is fun, easy and great projects to share with the kids! Check it out.!  Here:  Instructions for how to make Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry


Make Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry

Anyone can make handcrafted jewelry that looks Gorgeous and is comfortable to wear.  Make jewelry for any outfit you have!  Any color you need … or style of Earrings, necklaces, anklets ..

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