Style crimes in fashion jewelry – Long Island Jewelry |

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Wanted for Style Crimes

Wanted for Style Crimes - Image by Worldizen via Flickr

Have you been accused of committing the style crime of over-accessorizing with fashion jewelry?  Make your jewelry work for you by teaming together pieces that won’t make you look cluttered and busy.  Trendy accessories are an irresistible fashion style.  And, of course, the best fashion accessory is fun and funky jewelry trends of the moment. Even the inexpensive fashion costume jewelry, which is the biggest offender, has to be worn properly.

Different events require different styles of jewelry
Wearing jewelry properly can turn you into a fashion savvy glam rather than fashion road kill.  Daytime fashion jewelry should be kept simple and not overpower you. (Actually, never let your jewelry overpower you.) Your jewelry should always accentuate and complement your style and what you’re wearing. Learn what pieces go best with what outfits, styling your perfect look, and be stunning.

For the jewelry lover’s out there, here’s the best of all possible news!  We can wear jewelry and shine anywhere! Jewelry always evokes a sense of style and fashion trend know-how, no matter who you are.  Just match your jewelry pieces together artfully along with your outfits and you’ll be the fashionista diva we all know is in there!

Style crimes in fashion jewelry – Long Island Jewelry |

Jewelry Trends


Beaded Jewelry

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Making your own beaded jewelry

Making your own beaded jewelry - If you love jewelry and crafting - it could be for you!


Beaded Jewelry is in style and a major Fashion Jewelry Trend of today.  And if you handcraft beaded jewelry, and you’re talented, you will be pursued by the hottest in the game!

Learning How to Make Beaded Jewelry : Beaded jewelry is THE hot new trend in style for Fashion Jewelry today!

Beaded Jewelry looks fantastic, is always in style and a fashion match teamed with daytime duds or evening’s out.

Custom Fashion Jewelry: Learn how to buy beads, select your jewelry making tools and supplies, learn beading techniques for making jewelry.

Explore what  jewelry beading techniques are used to make specific types of beaded jewelry for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bib necklaces, hair jewelry, and more.

Learn how to make beaded jewelry. Explore making Beaded Jewelry with projects, tutorials, ideas and tips.

…If you are jewelry designer, and would like to promote your jewelry with a Review in the “Featured Jewelry Focus”  for national and local web magazine the – Then,  Contact Kathy at

Jewelry Beading for Beginners : Make Custom Fashion Jewelry First, learn the jewelry making technique. Then, complete a beading jewelry project :  Continue >  Learning How to Make Beaded Jewelry  : Section 1

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