Invicta Watches: High Quality Jewelry

October 20, 2010 Comments Off on Invicta Watches: High Quality Jewelry

Invicta watches are outrageously expensive-looking, sit snuggly on your wrist and command as much attention as does a Rolex. Invicta Watches are known as a quality, yet relatively inexpensive watch that has the style and recognition of the Swiss watch’s reputation.

The most notable aspect of Invicta watches is the automatic movement feature of the watch, or the Swiss made Chronographs. (Invicta – the Latin word for “invincible”.) Invicta watches have been around for over 175 years and the original Invicta watches were completely hand crafted.

Invicta watches for men
The two primary series of men’s Invicta watches is the Pro Diver series and the Russian Diver series. The Pro Diver series centers around an elegant styled oversized watch face complete with stainless steel casing and matching bezel. This Invicta watch mimics both the elements of style and function of big name watches like the Rolex Mariner.

Meanwhile, the Invicta Russian Diver series offers a big bold watch with a strong black band. The Russian Diver series has both stainless steel and black steel casing with a canteen style cover to add a little extra something to the watch’s image.

Invicta watches for women, too
Invicta watches come in a huge selection and varieties for women, too. The designs are unique, they’re bold and have a style which screams Cutting Edge. If you’ve never heard of or seen Invicta Watches, there are several websites out there that have Invicta watches with some sweet deals.


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