Styles from Silica Jewelry Designs

Silica is an intimate jewelry design gallery featuring the works of more than 50 artisan jewelers from all over North America.

Featured Jewelry from Silica is a line of handcrafted jewelry made with beach glass from Long Island’s shores. Sea Gems has a generous local following and everyone can now browse through the latest creations in a stylish environment filled with soothing and inventive displays.

Silica’s  inventory of handpicked Long Island beach glass numbers more than 23,000. Preferring to highlight the glass in its most natural state – uncut and un-tumbled makes each jewelry design a one-of-a-kind.  Silica’s jewelry designs have also been featured in Dan’s Papers and Long Island Newsday.

Silica also has scores of unique handcrafted jewelry from another 25 or so artisan jewelry designers.

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38 South Main Street
Sayville, New York 11782

visit SilicaJewelryDesigners > Jewelry

Jewelry Island



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