Jewelry BIG On Style – Wine Cork Jewelry ETC

Recycled and hand carved wine cork circles, beads and finding materials are crafted into truly one-of-a-kind stunning creations by Dawn of WineCorkJewelryETC. Not too long ago, she stumbled on using wine corks in her jewelry pieces. A great way to recycle and be a eco-friendly.

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Wine Cork Jewelry ETC.: This is a style of jewelry so unique, the designs mesmerizing with sturdy pieces that’ll flatter casual outfits or feel right at home in a party dress. And, you’ve got to see how gorgeously artsy Dawn at Wine Cork Jewelry ETC. packages her hand crafted one-of-a-kind jewelry in. Everything about her work is amazing, with full blown hand crafted quality that’s a knock-out.

Dawn has had a life long passion for arts and crafts which has grown from painting, scrapbooking and card making to handcrafted unique jewelry pieces.  She has mastered complicated jewelry making techniques and continues to be inspired enough each day to take her jewelry designs to a new level.  A lot of time and love goes into every piece.  Dawn believes that a certain passion is infused into all handcrafted jewelry items and if the designer isn’t truly happy with the piece, it shouldn’t be sold.

Custom Orders for Jewelry Designs

Dawn welcomes custom orders and requests as she wants you to enjoy adorning yourself as much as she loves making each piece. “…If you’re not happy…. I’m not happy.”

Every order from Wine Cork  Jewelry comes beautifully wrapped in sturdy packaging.  Make your life easier and gift order directly to the recipient.  After you’ve ordered from Dawn,  you’ll see the care and attention that goes into every single detail she produces.  Truly, Wine Cork Jewelry ETC values quality and every jewelry piece from Dawn is a signature piece.

Dawn would LOVE donated used wine corks
She’ll happily take the shipping price off any piece of jewelry product on Etsy for the exchange. (Just not the plastic kind.) Cork Coupons, how original! Go for it, extremely well priced and fascinating artwork jewelry.

You can visit her shop page at Etsy: Wine Cork Jewelry for details of products and expedited shipping options.


Visit > Wine Cork Jewelry

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